3 Simple Hacks on How to Clean Silver

Silver is one of the most precious and sophisticated metals that is used for a range of special occasions. From stunning jewelry to flatware, silver is a favorite for both traditionalists and trend seekers, using the metal for various functions and occasions in their day to day life. However, just like many fine metals, silver falls prey to several environmental assailants such as dirt and dust, which affects its clarity and color. This makes essential for any silver owner to know how to clean silver. This article provides you with an eco-friendly guide on how to clean silver the next time you are attending a dinner party or any other special occasion.

3 simple hacks on how to clean silver

1. Baking Soda and Water

You may be familiar with the great versatility of baking soda, but unknown to you is that it can also be used to clean that precious piece of silver that you have.


• Mix baking soda with water to form a paste-like consistency

• Rub the mixture over your piece of silver

• After you have buffed the surface with your paste, rinse the silver until all residues of baking soda are removed.

• Using a clean cloth, gently blot your silver dry

2. ‘Rubbing Alcohol’

Alcohol is well known for its use during parties and other fun fare activities. But did you know that your favorite bottle of alcohol could be used to keep your silver glowing? Alcohol is the best solution for tarnish, smudges and mild spotting. Here is how to do it.


• Mix one part of rubbing alcohol with four proportions of water

• Dampen a clean cloth, then use it to buff the silver gently

• Using a dry and soft cloth, wipe clean your piece of silver

3. Toothpaste

Did you know that your toothpaste has all the elements required to clean silver to perfection? Organic kinds of toothpaste are the best for cleaning silver, and it works best when used alongside a flannel or microfiber.


• Dab some toothpaste on a cloth

• Gently rub the surface of your silver

• Rinse the silver keenly with warm water

• Using a separate clean cloth, pat your silver dry

4. Vinegar and Aluminum

Vinegar and Aluminum are known to be one of the best cleaners of silver.


• Line a glass/iron pan with some aluminum foil, with the shiny side facing upward

• Pour in a mixture of one proportion of vinegar mixed with three proportions of water

• Let the mixture boil, then drop your silver inside and leave it for around five minutes

• Remove your silver, rinse it with some warm water and wipe it with a clean dry cloth

Silver is a precious metal that cost you some cash. As such, it is important to maintain it well to ensure that it is in the best condition. As such, cleaning is an important part of maintenance, and so are the methods that you should use for the cleaning. This guide informs you of what to use and how to do it, ensuring that your silver remains amazing and sparkling.